Decisions in Ancestral Origin-Based Cases

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Case Name Type of Charge Issue(s)
Martha D. Benitez vs. Pyramid Case Company , Reynar Vasquez, Biana Cruz, and Mario Meletz Employment Disparate Treatment, Termination, Terms and Conditions
Salvador I. Pellerano, Ivonne Martinez and Adalberto Torres v. Oleg E. Kuznetsov Housing Civil Penalty, Coercion, Threat, Intimidation and Harassment, Damages, First Amendment Protections
Edwin Sanchez vs. Wayne Carvahlo Employment Damages, Harassment, Liability of Individual
Matthieu Yangambi, Ed. D vs. Providence School Board, Jointly and Severally, and Stephen Napolitano, Treatment Employment Disparate Treatment, Role of Hearing Officer, Terms and Conditions