Decisions on Damages

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Case Name Basis of Charge Type of Charge

Brian E. Alber and Robyn Alber v. POP, LLC and Daniel Puerini

Age, Retaliation Public Accommodations
Patrick Banyaniye vs. Mi Sueno, Inc. and Jesus M. Titin


Public Accommodations,
Equal Rights of Blind and Deaf Persons to Public Facilities, Civil Rights of People With Disbailities Act
Roseanne DeAngelis vs. Midstate Tire and Service, Inc./Antonelli Holding Company and Christopher Antonelli Sex - Harassment Employment
Paula M. Gulley vs. National Wholesale Liquidators Sex, Retaliation Employment
Melissa B. Korsak vs. John Frigault Sex, Sex - Harassment, Retaliation Employment
Thai-Ping Mays vs. JDTK Food Services LLC and Dennis Rochon Disability Employment
Paul J. Medeiros vs. R & D Roofing, Inc and Roger Pratas Disability Employment
Salvador I. Pellerano, Ivonne Martinez and Adalberto Torres v. Oleg E. Kuznetsov Ancestral Origin Housing
Edwin Sanchez vs. Wayne Carvahlo Ancestral Origin Employment
Anthony Selvidio vs. TGI Fridays (Carlson Restaurants Worldwide) Disability Employment