Decisions in Employment Cases

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Case Name Basis of Charge Issue(s)
Livia G. Almeida vs. AM Donuts, Inc. d/b/a Dunkin' Donuts and Vanessa Silva Disability Terms and Conditions, Reasonable Accommodation, Termination, Disparate Treatment
Martha D. Benitez vs. Pyramid Case Company , Reynar Vasquez, Biana Cruz, and Mario Meletz Ancestral Origin, Retaliation Disparate Treatment, Termination, Terms and Conditions
Roseanne DeAngelis vs. Midstate Tire and Service, Inc./Antonelli Holding Company and Christopher Antonelli Sex - Harassment Constructive Discharge, Damages, Harassment
Rocco DeCarlo v. C&D Security Management, Inc and Frederick Cawley Age Mixed Motive Analysis
Paula M. Gulley vs. National Wholesale Liquidators Sex, Retaliation Disparate Treatment, Discriminatory Terms and Conditions, Damages
Melissa B. Korsak vs. John Frigault Sex, Sex - Harassment, Retaliation Harassment, Liability of an Individual, Damages
Craig Krause vs. Arlette Dumais vs. Maids 'N More Sex Disparate Treatment, Terms and Conditions
Thai-Ping Mays vs. JDTK Food Services LLC and Dennis Rochon Disability Termination, Disparate Treatment, Reasonable Accommodation, Damages
Paul J. Medeiros vs. R & D Roofing, Inc and Roger Pratas Disability Disparate Treatment, Termination, Damages
Luisa S. Oliveira vs. Furniture Mattress Warehouse, Inc., Mukesh Tandon, Carlos montt, Jorge Montt, Erwin Vasquez and Rene Garcia Sex, Sex - Harassment Harassment, Liability - Aiding and Abetting
Edwin Sanchez vs. Wayne Carvahlo Ancestral Origin Damages, Harassment, Liability of Individual
Anthony Selvidio vs. TGI Fridays (Carlson Restaurants Worldwide) Disability Disparate Treatment, Reasonable Accommodation, Termination, Terms and conditions
Tracy L. Stewart vs. T & T Donuts, Inc. and Izilda Teves Disability Constructive Discharge, Harassment,
Matthieu Yangambi, Ed. D vs. Providence School Board, Jointly and Severally, and Stephen Napolitano, Treatment Ancestral Origin, Color, Race, Retaliation Disparate Treatment, Role of Hearing Officer, Terms and Conditions
Brenda Ziegler vs. J.J. Gregory & Son Sex, Retaliation Disparate Treatment, Discriminatory Terms and Conditions, Damages, Termination