Decisions in Retaliation-Based Cases

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Case Name Type of Charge Issue(s)
Brian E. Alber, Jr. and Robyn Alber vs. Pop, LLC and Daniel Puerini Public Accommodations Disparate Treatment, Liability of Agent, Damages, Terms and Conditions
Martha D. Benitez vs. PYRAMID CASE COMPANY, Reynar Vazquez, Blanca Cruz, and Mario Meletz Employment Discriminatory Terms and Conditions, Compensation, Termination Paula M. Gulley vs. National Wholesale Liquidators Employment Discriminatory Terms and Conditions, Damages
Melissa B. Korsak vs. John Frigault Employment Harassment, Liability of an Individual, Damages
Matthieu Yangambi, Ed. D vs. Providence School Board, Jointly and Severally, and Stephen Napolitano, Treatment Employment Disparate Treatment, Role of Hearing Officer, Terms and Conditions
Brenda Ziegler vs. J.J. Gregory & Son Employment Disparate Treatment, Discriminatory Terms and Conditions, Damages, Termination